As you can see from my ‘about me’ thingy, my name is Natalia. I am very busy with my large¬†family, especially my seven younger siblings. I am a bored eleven year old, and that along with my equally bored mom’s ‘encouragement’ i started a blog for the first time. I am mostly writing this because even though it would probably be way easier to just write in a diary, i hate physical writing. I guess you could call me prissy, but thats just how i am. If the fact that my new favorite saying is ‘moi amore’, which means i love me, doesn’t give indication of my high strung personality, i dont know what does. I could just imagine being in an issue of teen vogue with my awesome blogness………… hey, i could meet gwen stefani! That reminds me, i have wanted to be a singer/ambassador, so maybe sometime i will put a video of me singing on my¬† blog. Hmmmm, im getting bored, so see you later.

Moi Amore and Bye, Natalia

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